About Us

P3World is the definitive guide to all things relating to public-private partnerships. Our goal is to bring stakeholders from all sectors together to discover use cases, strategies and best practices for successful partnerships.

The P3 is an innovative, oft misunderstood financing model that many leaders have already discovered to be a major asset. P3s have already been used to develop and sustain stadiums, roads, schools, housing, water systems and parks. When the sectors align, P3s bring benefits for everyone.

Coming to such an agreement can be a complex and difficult process, which is why P3World seeks to enlighten readers on how to create P3s that will suit their needs.

Editorial Advisory Board:

  • Dave Barista - Editorial Director - Building Design + Construction
  • Gordon Feller - Consultant at Executive HQ – Cisco; Founder - Meeting of the Minds
  • Michael Lake - President & CEO - Leading Cities
  • Bill Wilson - Editorial Director for the Infrastructure Group at SGC - Roads & Bridges, Traffic & Transit, Storm Water Solutions, Water & Wastes Digest, Water Quality Products