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Recently passed bond issues result in new Contracting Opportunities

Political candidates weren’t the only ones vying for the attention of voters last week. More than 508 bond issues totaling approximately $48.8 billion were decided in elections throughout the country. 

The bond issues that passed will result in millions of dollars being spent on projects such as new school construction, water and wastewater upgrades, affordable housing, transportation infrastructure, flood protection and public safety.  

Albemarle County, Virginia, Developing P3 Guidelines

Virginia's Public-Private Education and Infrastructure Act allows for communities to enter into P3s for qualifying projects, so Albemarle County is considering implementing policy changes to take advantage of the law. “As we evolve this community, as we entertain economic development, as we encounter more complex projects, [public-private partnerships] really begin to make sense,” County chief finance officer Bill Letteri told Charlottesville Tomorrow.  “Adopting guidelines that set us up to entertain these things, without a commitment, seems to be a prudent way forward.”

UConn Health pursuing P3 for financial security

The UConn Health system has released a solicitation of interest letter asking for proposals from other health organizations to joining in a partnership. UConn Health is pursuing a P3 in order to ensure future financial sustainability and growth. To aid in their search, the health network has hired Cain Brothers, a financial advising firm.

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P3 may lead to Active Senior Housing Development in New Canaan, Connecticut

During a town council meeting in New Canaan, Connecticut, Arnold Karp of Karp Associates suggested creating public-private partnership to develop an active senior housing complex. “This may be a once in 50- or 100-year opportunity to have a private developer work with the town and Waveny [LifeCare Network] and come up with additional senior housing choices,” Karp said during the meeting, according to the New Canaanite. “If it is the town’s will that they don’t want that, we are happy to do something else with the property. I bought it. I’ve owned it for four years.

More Texas communities turning to P3s

In the face of limited funding, communities across Texas are increasingly utilizing public-private partnerships to meet the demand for updated infrastructure. Despite problems with the state's first public-private toll road between Austin and San Antonio, successes abound in Texas, including student housing projects at Texas A&M and affordable housing solutions in Texarkana.

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Acadia National Park may Provide Employee Housing through P3

The National Park Service has issued an RFI regarding the possibility of partnering with a private party to provide housing to seasonal employees at  Acadia National Park in Maine. Requests to the RFI are due Nov. 5. “This is an opportunity to revitalize and provide additional housing for Acadia National Park seasonal employees,” Superintendent Kevin Schneider told National Parks Traveler.

Boeing and National Science Foundation partner on STEM training, inclusion

The National Science Foundation (NSF) and Boeing have announced a new $21 million partnership to accelerate training in critical skill areas and increase diversity in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.

"This investment demonstrates Boeing's commitment to developing the future workforce and our current employees' skills," said Heidi Capozzi, senior vice president of Human Resources at Boeing. "The initiatives will help develop more technical workers and provide research opportunities for women and veterans seeking to join or return to the STEM workforce."

UMass Amherst seeking to build new Student Housing through P3

The Committee on Administration and Finance of the UMass board of trustees recently voted to explore the possibility of using a public-private partnership to build a new student housing complex for the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus. The UMass system is no stranger to P3s, as the Boston and Dartmouth campuses have also utilized P3s.

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